What is the cost of digital hearing aids?

What is the cost of digital hearing aids?

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There is no an absolute answer to this question. It is because the cost of digital hearing aids depends on the technology level and theirs features. A hearing aid costs you more if it has the most advanced technologies, such as Soft Speech Recognition, Noise reduction circuitry and wireless streaming of music. Usually, a high-end hearing aid costs you $5000 or more as it has all the newest functions. A basic and essential one might cost you about $1000. Of course, the newest hearing aids can satisfy your needs. But, not all the new features of the latest hearing devices are necessary to you. There is no a perfect product but the best product that satisfies your need and your budget. That is the reason why the manufacturers, such as Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Simens, Resound and Widex, create many models for your selection. Think carefully before making a purchase as buying hearing aid is an important investment. It would affect your quality of life. You have to wear it 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The information below might useful to you when making a selection.


What is included in the cost of hearing aids?


As hearing aids are expensive, it is crucial to know what is paid for. The cost does not only include the hearing devices themselves but also:

  • Hearing test

You have to do a hearing test before selecting an appropriate hearing aid. Based on the audiogram which is a diagram of your hearing performance, an audiologist would assist you to find and adjust the hearing aid.

  • Consultation

During the selection, you can ask the audiologist about your hearing performance, the choices of hearing aids and other hearing related problems. Professional and satisfying answers are given to you.

  • Initial fitting

The first adjustment of your hearing aids.

  • Follow-up adjustment

Adjusting a hearing aid is not as easy as a pair of glasses. The adjustment of hearing aid is more complicated and sophisticated that includes a lot of settings. Your hearing aids might not set well at the first time. If you find your hearing aids’ performance not fitting your preference, you can ask for further adjustments until they have a good sound quality.

  • Regular cleaning

After being used for some period, there is dust built up on the surface of electrical components inside the precise hearing aids. The hearing center would help you clean them regularly. Usually, on a yearly basis.

  • Warranty

Depends on the manufacturers, it ranges from one to three years. All repairs are covered.

  • Others

Some hearing care centers offer hearing aid batteries for get started.


For details, you should ask the audiologist during the consultation process. The above information is only for your reference, not exactly the same for all hearing centers.


Why is the cost of hearing aids so high?


The costs of hearing aids include the research and development cost. The R&D departments of hearing aid industry spend a large amount of capital on innovating new technologies to improve the performance of hearing aids. At last, we, the customers, can enjoy a better hearing experience.


When selecting a hearing aid, what should I concern?

In this post, we have discussed the cost of hearing aids, the components included in the cost of hearing aids and aspects to be concerned when buying hearing aids. Hope you guys have a better understanding of the cost of hearing aids.

If you have doubts related to the cost of hearing aids, you are welcome to ask in the comment box. Looking forward to your feedbacks!


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