Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro hearing aids review

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Have you protected your ear when hunting?

If you answer no, you should consider having a device to protect your ear when hunting. Most firearms produce noise greater than 140 dB. Exposure to sound greater than 140 dB can permanently damage hearing. If you do not protect your ear during hunting, you will suffer from hearing loss. Once you are hearing impaired, you will miss some lovely sounds in the worlds, for example, your daughter’s laughing sounds and the birds’ singing. If you do not miss these lovely sounds, I encourage you to start protecting your ear.

If you answer yes, I appreciate you as you treasure hearing. What kinds of hearing protection devices do you use? Headphone style hearing protection? Why not use a smaller device to obtain the same or better effect? I have a great suggestion to you. It is the Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro.


Walker has founded up for 25 years. Walker’s aims at inventing solutions for hearing protection and enhancement. The products of Walker are considered as the top in the industry. With the development of high-end technologies, such as advanced digital circuitry and nanotech water resistance, Walker continues to raise the standards of quality.



Name: Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro

Price: Click here to view the latest price

Owner: Walker

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100



  • Four Program Settings
    • GeneralCrowdsNaturePower Boost
  • Adjustable Frequency Tuning – AFT
    • 50dB of hearing enhancementIncludes Walker’s field carrying pouch
  • 4 digital sound processing channels
  • 20-bit audio processor for crisp clear sound
  • 8 band graphic equalizer
  • Nano-Tech Water repellant coating
  • Automatic feedback control
  • 20% smaller than Game Ear Series 1
  • Toggle volume control
  • Sound activated compression (SAC)
  • Low battery tone indicator
  • Noise reducing rating, NRR 29db
  •  Power source #13 battery


Good Sound Quality

Walker Game Ear not only protect your ear when hunting, it also gives you a natural feeling in the forest. Walker Game Ear makes all sounds in the woods more crisp and enhanced. It facilitates your hunting experience.

Small Size

Walker Game Ear Elite HD is a good alternative to headphone style hearing protection earmuff. It has a smaller size. Walker Game Ear is put behind your ear. It does not cover your whole ear as earmuff does. You even forget its existence.

Easy to set-up

All you have to do is put on your ear and turn it on.



Winds sound

As there is a microphone on the back of the Walker Game Ear, wind sounds is sometimes amplified. However, the problem is acceptable that it do not affect your overall experience.

A customized earmold is not included.

From my experience, a customized earmold is a must as earmold can ensure all the sound produce by the speaker can transfer to your ear without dispersion. However, the package only gives you a plastic earmold which is not customized. The given earmold does not fit everyone’s ear so there is spacing between your ear and the earmold. Some amplified sound may leave your ear through the spacing. Thus, the sound level is reduced.


Who is this Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro For?

Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro is for those who like hunting and wanting to have small devices to protect their ears. Many users agree that Walker Game Ear can protect their ears without the sacrifice of sound quality. Hunters are recommended to purchase this product.


Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro Support

One ear warranty is provided. Besides, if you have problems with the Walker Game Ear, you can directly contact Walker’s customer service via phone and email.

Walker’s Customer Service: http://www.gsmoutdoors.com/page/customer-service/

(The following is directly copied from Walker’s Website for your reference)


Return / Warranty Policy

All GSM Outdoor products; including but not limited to: Stealth Cam, Walker’s Game Ear, Maestro Game Calls, Western Rivers Electronic Calls, Cyclops Lighting, SSI, and HME; are covered by a One Year Limited Warranty. This warranty covers manufacture defects of the product. Like most industries, our warranty is valid only for the original owner of the product purchased from an authorized retailer.


At GSM Outdoors, our customers are our number one priority and we want them to know we stand proudly behind every item bearing our name. Tampering with or altering the unit will void the warranty. Any unauthorized service will void the warranty. Original sales receipt must be produced for any warranty service and a Return Authorization (RA) number must be obtained from customer service at 877-269-8490 prior to returning the product.



You can send items back to us at the address below using any other method that can provide tracking to prove shipment.

Once we receive your package, we will promptly process your return or exchange.

We are not responsible for items lost in the transit.

We do not accept COD returns. Packages will be refused and sent back to originator.



Return Address:

GSM Outdoors

3385 Roy Orr Blvd. Suite B

Grand Prairie, TX. 75050


Where can you buy it?

You can buy it at Amazon.

==>>>Then click here to check today’s best price for the Walker Game Ear Elite Digital HD Pro

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