The causes of sudden hearing loss

The causes of sudden hearing loss

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Sudden hearing loss is as known as sudden deafness. The cause is not obvious. When you suffer from sudden hearing loss, you lose your hearing ability rapidly. Usually, it only occurs in one ear. According to the literature, about 90% of sudden hearing loss patients haves hearing loss in either left or right ear. Sudden hearing loss should be treated as a medical emergency. If you experience sudden hearing loss, you should immediately seek help from doctors because any delays would make the treatment less effective. In the worst case, if you miss the golden treatment time, your hearing ability is lost permanently. However, most of the people would not visit the hospital because they think that their sudden hearing loss is due to the block of earwax, sleepless and infection. I have suffered from sudden hearing loss for three times in 3 months. I hope this post can raise your attention of sudden hearing loss. It is not a minor disease. If you do not treat it properly, you will lose hearing ability forever.

Usually, patients with sudden hearing loss notice about the disease when they wake up in the morning. And, some people notice their sudden hearing loss when they try to use the deafened ear to receive a phone call. Also, some people have a loud ringing or a “pop” sound before losing the hearing ability. The other syndrome of sudden hearing loss is feeling dizzy often.

So, back to the topics. What are the causes of sudden hearing loss?
Actually, they are no obvious or definite reasons for the sudden hearing loss. My doctor did know the main reason of my sudden hearing loss. He said that an NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging) must be conducted to find out the cause. But, I have to wait for a year to have the test. It is frustrating. Although my example has no clear reason, there are some cases with an identifiable cause, about 10-15% of the total cases of sudden hearing loss. The reasons are:
1. Infectious diseases
2. Trauma, such as a head injury
3. Autoimmune diseases such as Cogan’s syndrome
4. Ototoxic drugs (drugs that harm the sensory cells in the inner ear)
5. Blood circulation problems
6. A tumor on the nerve that connects the ear to the brain
7. Neurologic diseases and disorders, such as multiple sclerosis
8. Disorders of the inner ear, such as Ménière’s disease
(The above reasons are copied from NIDCD for your reference.)

Again, I want to remind you that if you are suffering from sudden hearing loss now, I urge you to visit a doctor promptly. Otherwise, your hearing ability cannot recover to the normal level. It means you cannot hear the birds singing or other light sounds. This must affect the relationship with your family, friends, colleagues … Even wearing a hearing aid cannot give you back 100% hearing ability. So, you know what to do now!

Do you have suffered from sudden hearing loss? Or, you want to know more about this? You can leave your comments below. Looking forward to your feedbacks.

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6 thoughts on “The causes of sudden hearing loss

  1. andy

    HI Billy, lately my mother’s had some trouble with her hearing and I had taken her to see the ear specialize but only to says a infection due to the nose. After three occasion the doctor keep changing medicine but that doesn’t help either. Her complained about hearing some noises such as those rain dropping noise or jungle nightlife where insects noises. Please tell me your view about this.

    1. Billy

      Since I am not a professional in this field, I cannot tell you what exactly the cause is. But, I can tell you my experience. I have had the same problem as you mother had. Since she cannot hear, she might hear the ringing in your ears. The tinnitus is normal. Once the ears recover, she can hear without ringing. However, the time of recover depends on various factors:

      1. Do you seek help from doctors immediately when you have the sudden hearing loss.

      If you can visit the doctors as soon as possible, you have a higher rate and faster rate to recover. When I noticed myself not able to hear anything, I found a doctor for help the following day. So, I can hear soon.

      2. Age

      For those who is young, they can recover at a faster rate.

      I highly recommend your mom to see other doctor because the perspectives of different doctors differ. Maybe another specialist can give your mother a better prescription.

      Hope your mother can recover soon

  2. Lisa

    I actually have a younger brother who was born hearing impaired and then one day, in high school, he lost all hearing in one hear. It was so strange and scary. Our family has slowly started learning some ASL because of it. I’m not sure if he ever found out what caused it.

  3. Billy, well what an area to be discussing. Hearing loss in general, and as you suffer with and from it, your personal perspective will give so much credence to the words you publish.
    I really will wish you well in your journey. Keep it up!

    1. admin

      Thank for your support. I would keep on writing posts related hearing issue. Hope you find them useful.

  4. Damian

    Hello Billy – there is no doubt that hearing loss is a big problem for many people today. It’s good that you are able to offer personal insight for the readers and follower of the site as a sufferer yourself. I’m certain your life experience so far and your continued researching will help out a lot of people. Well done and keep up the great work for us all

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