Stop and ease tinnitus naturally

Stop and ease tinnitus naturally

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Recently, I have suffered from tinnitus. It is a very annoying. I cannot sleep well at night. I cannot concentrate on my study and work as my ear ringing. When my ears are ringing, I find myself easily get angry. Due to tinnitus, I cannot do anything well. Since my tinnitus happens regularly and can be stopped without medication, I know that my tinnitus does not harm my hearing ability. If your case is same as mine, you can try the following natural ways to stop tinnitus. Otherwise, you should seek help from doctors as tinnitus may be the sign of the deterioration of hearing ability. Your hearing ability might not be cured if you miss the golden rescue 72 hours. So, Let’s get relief from tinnitus naturally!


Natural ways to stop tinnitus ringing

  1. Use masking devices

Masking devices are equipment that reduces the sound intensity of tinnitus by playing soft sounds, for example, the sound of falling rain, ocean wave and moving fire. You can use the masking devices when you are going to sleep or nap, relax and concentrate. Some people prefer buying a white noise machine as a masking device. Here are some of my suggestion. Read them before buying for yourself. Some people prefer using apps provided in App Store or Google Play. You can just simply search white noise on Google. Then, you can find many apps or YouTube videos related to white noise. However, the most natural way is to turn on the domestic machines, such as fans and air-conditioner, to provide natural soft noise. It sounds strange. But, it is useful when you don’t have your smartphone or computer to open the online white noise resources.

  1. Avoid loud noise

There is a research reveals that loud noise, which is defined as sounds above 85 decibels (dB), is likely to trigger tinnitus. If you want to reduce tinnitus, you are suggested to be far away from loud noise. Loud noise consists of sounds produced by construction machine, gun shot, and loud concerts. Even your music player can trigger tinnitus or make your tinnitus deteriorates. Please stay away from loud noise. Keep the volume of your music players less than 70 dB and do not listen for a profound long time. Let your ears take a break when listening to music.

  1. Massage can help you to relief tinnitus

As I mention I have suffered from tinnitus, due to curiosity, I tried to search some natural ways to cure tinnitus. Since I am a Chinese, I want to reduce my tinnitus ringing in a Chinese way. I found a Chinese massage useful on YouTube. I will share the link at the bottom of this post. I am sorry that there is no English subtitle. Maybe I can help adding English Subtitles to the video later. But, I am sure it is not difficult to understand. All you need is just a pen or toothbrushes. And, follow the action of the Chinese medicine practitioner. The massage helps you to facilitate the blood movement around your ears. So, the nerve near the ears obtain sufficient oxygen to function normally. Carry out the massage twice a day for a week. Your tinnitus would be reduced slowly. Although the progress is slow, it works!!


The above is some natural ways to stop tinnitus. If your tinnitus does not reduce, you should seek help from doctors immediately. Hope you find my suggestion helpful. Leave your comment below if you have questions. You are welcome to leave your comment if you have another useful method to cure tinnitus naturally.

Want to find the causes of your tinnitus? Click the link below! If you have any questions, you can leave your comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Stop and ease tinnitus naturally

  1. Asen


    tinnitus can be very difficult to deal with, I agree with you. It is pretty disturbing to have your ears ringing all the time.
    The tips you provide to naturally fight this disease are very useful.
    Are these tips effective in long term or mostly in short term?
    Also is there any radical way to deal with this trouble? I mean like medicines without many side effects?

    1. Billy

      Of course, there are some medicines to cure tinnitus. But, medicines usually carries side effects.
      BTW, the methods suggested in the article are half short-term and half long-term. The first two methods which are avoid loud sound and using masking device are short-term. The massage can lasts for a long time if you can do the message consistently.

  2. Anthony

    Hey there,
    Tinnitus is a very annoying condition that I deal with on a regular basis. I think this is because I go to a lot of loud metal concerts and I don’t wear the recommended ear plugs to protect my inner ear. This is very important to prevent tinnitus, especially in teenagers. Massage seems like a great way to relieve the condition, I will definitely try it. Maybe there’s a video I can see of the massage?

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