Sound World Solutions CS50 Review

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Does your current hearing amplifier give you a satisfactory hearing experience? If not, I have a good news for you. We have found a high-quality hearing amplifier with the name – CS50, manufactured by Sound World Solutions. This hearing amplifier can deal with the most frustrating issue faced by those using sound amplifiers which is the directionality.


In here, we are going to share you our review of Sound World Solutions CS50. Beside the explanations of the features of this hearing amplifier, the actual users’ comments to the product are also included. You can know what people’s attitude toward this product so that you can decide whether buy it or not.


We are excited to introduce the CS50 to you because of its special features that are not provided by other hearing amplifiers.

How can Sound World Solutions CS50 give me a better hearing environment?


“Directionality is the only way to improve intelligibility in noisy environments,” states Stavros Basseas, PhD, co-founder and president of Sound World Solutions who worked as an engineer for two major hearing aid manufacturers during the 1980s and 90s.


It is all just “directionality”. The CS50 focuses on enhance the directionality which helps the user identify the location and direction of the sound sources in different occasions, especially the noisy places including the restaurant.


When using the older version of sound amplifiers, you may find that all the sounds around you, no matter the dog sparks, the car engines noise and the air-conditioners’ running noise, are amplified, These annoying magnified noise make concentration on important sounds, for example, the conservation with your colleagues, the teachers’ saying and the chit-chat with you friends, becomes tough. Even when you gaze the speakers’ mouths, you still cannot understand the speeches. It is a frustrating moment for the users who think the hearing amplifier can help them.


Unlike, the outdated sound amplifiers, the CS50 does a great job in noise reductions. It has 16 noise reduction channel and a dual microphone. With these two features, the CS50 is able to identify the noise surround you and minimize the noise volume as much as possible by the 16 channel compressor.

Advanced setting on sounds


Usually, the sound amplifiers have a pre-manufactured programs for the users. These programs are fixed that does not allow further modification. Perceptions of sound are different to everyone. Some prefer higher and brighter sounds while some prefer softer and lower sounds. It seems normal that you have a board choices of earphones that provides different sound qualities. However, why the programs of hearing amplifiers are fixed stubbornly? Fortunately, the CS50 does not follow this rule. By using the free Customizer app, you can the bass, mild and treble ranges respectively. Of course, you can also adjust the basic functions , such as the volume.


Bluetooth is available on the CS50


In the past, when we want to listening a music and we do not want to bother the others, we have to take off our hearing amplifiers and plug in the earphones. Or, put a headphone on our head so that the speaker is pointing to the microphone of the sound amplifier. The old-style hearing amplifier makes listening to music troublesome. Can the sound amplifier stream music via smartphone directly? The CS50 answers YES. The Bluetooth of the CS50 can steam the songs, radio broadcast via the smartphone. Besides, enjoying the music, you can make call directly too! What’s a great new to the sound amplifiers’ user.


Let’s hear what the users of the CS50 have said


“A friend told me about his experience with Sound World hearing amplifiers, and I purchased mime the next day. I don’t have to say “pardon” all the time and I can hear what is being said in movies or on TV shows. Thanking for making them affordable!”

Mary Faye Bennett

“Wow! I truly appreciate it. The CS Customizer app makes sounds better. You huys are geniuses.”

Nick M.

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  • Digital Audio Processing
    • 16 channel compressor
    • Feedback cancellation
    • 16 channel noise reduction
    • Dual microphone directionality (when in Restaurant environment mode and when on phone calls via Bluetooth)
  • Customizable
    • 3 built-in amplification presets
    • Volume control
    • Further customization can be done with the free Customizer app
  • Free Customizer App
    • iPhone 4s or later (iOS 6 or later)
    • Android 4.x or later
    • Windows PC with Bluetooth 2.1 or later adapter (MS, Blue Soleil, Toshiba, Widcomm stacks supported)
    • Mac with OS X 10.6 or later
  • Adjustable tube length:0mm of travel


  • Bluetooth compatibility:Bluetooth 4.0, HFP1.6, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.5


  • Voice Prompts:Environment Mode Name (Everyday, Restaurant, Entertainment), Volume Up, Volume Down, Connected, Connection Lost, Power Off


  • Voice Prompt Languages:English, Spanish, French, Hindi


  • Battery type:Rechargeable lithium-ion


  • Battery life:up to 18 hours per charge


  • Box Contents
    • CS50+
    • 2 rechargeable batteries
    • Charger kit: AC adapter, magnetic charger base, and micro USB cable
    • 3 different sized ear tips: small (attached to CS50+), medium, and large
    • Ear tip cleaning tool
    • Zippered carrying case
    • User Guide




Ø  Comfortable

Ø  Easy to operate

Ø  Good batteries

Ø  Customer Support

Ø  Pairing Issue

Ø  Size


Should you buy?

The CS 50 is not the perfect sound amplifier that I have ever seen. However, it does have a good performance on noise reduction and special features – Bluetooth and Directionality. It worth for the price.

Go check the latest price for the Sound World Solutions CS50 at Amazon if you want. It is good to order it from Amazon because of its good reputation and availability of free shipping.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I am more than happy to help you.

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