Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box Review – a device to store and dry hearing aid

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Moisture is the killer of hearing aids. It degrades the electric components of your hearing aids and reduces the hearing aids batteries’ life. Besides, bacteria growth, earache, and skin problems are also caused due to the accumulation of moisture in hearing aids. Therefore, getting a hearing aid dryer is a must to hearing aid users. So, which one should I buy as there are many options in the market? In this post, I am going to introduce you the Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box. It is effective, low cost, durable and compact and convenient to use.


Serene Innovations, a California Firm, was founded in 2002. It is a relatively young company. It has offices in the US, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen China. It aims at developing and manufacturing products to satisfy the need of seniors and people with special needs. Their current products include cordless and corded telephones, TV listening devices and today’s main character which is hearing aid dry box.


Name: Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box

Owners: Serene Innovations

Overall Rank: 94 out of 100


  1. Use dry and gentle heat to remove moisture and condensation

Unlike the traditional one, Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box does not have a fan or desiccants. It uses a large aluminum plate heater with size 59 mm (wide) x 113 mm (Long) x 3 mm (thick) to generate heat. By convection of air, the hot air rises and the cool air from the surrounding sink to the heater to be heated. The process repeats so the moisture in the hearing aid can be dried.

  1. No harsh chemical or desiccants is required
  2. Powerful UV light

During drying, the UV light is turned on to deactivate bacteria so the hearing aids do not cause itchy ears. If you think the function is not essential, you can turn it off without affecting the drying performance by pushing the button to the OFF mode.

  1. Built-in Batteries Tester

Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box is the only dryer on the market that have a built-in batteries tester. You can place a battery on the two gold contacts on the tester to check the condition of the battery. It is more accurate as you can see the reading instead of guess by intuition to see if it has electricity or not. The waste of functioning batteries can be minimized. It reduced regular batteries expenses.

  1. Easy to open

Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box use a magnetic latch cover instead of a button. A little force is sufficient to open it. Even users with arthritis can do it with ease.

  1. One-touch operation

Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box is simple in operation. When you want to dry a hearing aid dryer, all you need to do is put the hearing aid in the box and push the button. Then, Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box will work automatically.

  1. Enough space for 2 hearing aids or cochlear implant processors

You can dry at most 2 hearing aids at the same time.

  1. Portable design

Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box is small in size because it does not contain a fan or desiccants. It is 30% smaller than the traditional hearing dryer. It can function under 110V or 240V. It means you can use it at home or on the road.

  1. Magnetic packing for batteries

There is a small area for you to store the batteries. You do not have to worry that the batteries would “run away” as there is a magnet to attract the batteries.

  1. Low energy consumption

When the dryer is operating for 4 hours, it consumes energy at a rate of 48 watts per hour which is lower than the average energy consumption of a light bulb, 60 watts per hour.


  1. Not noisy due to the inexistence of fan
  2. Good design for convenient use
  3. Easy to use
  4. Reliable



  1. Too small – for those who have two or more pairs of hearing aids cannot use it to dry them at the same time as at most two hearing aids can be dried at once.
  2. Cannot run with dry battery – It must be connected to the electricity sockets to operate.


Where can I buy this effective, low cost, durable and compact and containing a lot of convenient features Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box?

You can click here to buy at Amazon.

Click here to view the latest price of Serene ReNew Hearing Aid Dry Box.


Overall Rank: 94 out of 100


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