Power one hearing aid batteries size 10 13 312 675 review

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Last time, I have published a post with title “Best price for longest lasting 312 hearing aid batteries”. Rob, a visitor, left a comment to ask for separate reviews of each hearing aids batteries brands. This time, I start with the most popular brand which is Power One from Germany. Let take a look at the Power One hearing aid batteries with size 10, 13, 312 and 675.

Name: Power one hearing aid batteries size 10 13 312 675

Owner: Power One

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

The German Leader in hearing aid batteries industry

Power one has manufactured hearing aid batteries since the 1990s. It offers the top-selling hearing aid batteries with the combination of high quality, reliability, a profoundly long battery life and great comfort. This makes Power One becomes the leader in Europe in this field.


Pros: Why select Power One but not the other brand?

  1. Made in Germany

As you can see from the product picture, there is a line stated: made in Germany. All the cells are produced in a high-end and advanced production site where is Ellwangen Germany. In the work plant, automation is adopted in the production lines. Automation means every single hearing aid battery has an identical specification and performance and less manual mistakes. That’s the reason for the high quality of Power One hearing aid batteries.

  1. Good Performance

Power One has researched and developed a patented technology to stabilize the voltage of hearing cells during usage. Due to this patented feature, the Power One hearing aid batteries function at a constant voltage until the last second. It ensures the sound quality to be stable despite the dropping electric capacity of the cell. So, you won’t feel the volume of your hearing aids getting lower and lower.

  1. No corrosion

I guess some of you might have the following experience. “One day, I take out the hearing aid batteries that have been stored for about 5-6 months. Then, I find there is leakage of a chemical solution around the cells. It is so disgusting!” This would not happen on Power One hearing aid batteries as their case is stainless steel which is corrosion-proof. You will not get a slippery cell even you place the Power One hearing aid batteries for 3 years.

  1. 100% tested

Before leaving the production work, each Power One hearing aid batteries is tested based on electric and mechanical characteristics to make sure every cell can function normally.

  1. Quick Activation

It is important to the users’ experience. I have the following experience. “I tear off the tab and then insert it into my hearing aid. But, the hearing aid does not work. Then, I take out the cell on put on the table for a few seconds to allow air enter the cell to initiate the chemical reaction in the cell. I try putting it into my hearing aid again after 1 minutes. However, it still doesn’t work. I repeat the steps for a few times and it doesn’t work. So, place to cell on the table for a longer period, about 10 minutes. And, insert it into my hearing aid again. Finally, it works.” It is very frustrating and a waste of time. Luckily, this will not happen on Power One hearing aid batteries as it can be quickly activated. Due to the battery’ low resistance, the cell activates within a few seconds or immediately. With Power One cell, you can say no to the frustrating waiting.

  1. Long Shelf Life

You place the hearing aid batteries for at most 3 years.

  1. Packaging

The packaging has 3 features which are Comfort Tab, Comfort Pack, and Power Seal.

  • Comfort Tab: The designed tab is long to allow you removing the tab with ease.
  • Comfort Pack: Prevent accidentally tab removal
  • Power Seal: Avoid batteries drop out of the packaging easily.
  1. Affordable Price

You can see that the Power One hearing aid batteries has a lot of techniques and design. But, it is not expensive. I don’t know why. Maybe I could ask the Power One.


  1. Sorry
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  3. Sorry for not able to find the drawback of Power One hearing aid batteries.
    (I am a fan of Power One hearing aid batteries. I have used it for about 5 years. Within this 5 years, the cells worked normally without any errors.)

Where to buy Power One aid hearing batteries?

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