LifeEar Hearing Amplifier Review

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Do you hear well in the following situation?

At home

In a café

Having a conference with colleague

Chatting with kids while driving    


If you cannot hear well in one of the situations, your hearing ability may fall. You should first seek help from audiologist to conduct a hearing test. For those who is diagnosed to suffer from hearing loss, you must be struggling to buy which hearing aids now. Your hearing loss is not severe but mild. You think that hearing aids are too expensive. You want to find an affordable hearing aid with high quality to fit your need. But, there seems no product suitable for you. I have a suggestion to you. It is the “LifeEar Hearing Amplifier”. The LifeEar Corporation is an international company. It aims at providing affordable and high-quality hearing amplifiers.

Name: LifeEar Hearing Amplifier

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Owners: LifeEar

Overall Rank: 92 out of 100


Adaptive Feedback Canceling

Feedback is a common issue of hearing aids. Feedback, in another word, is whistling. Since the hearing aid is small, the sound amplifier is close to the microphone. The sound amplified is picked up by the microphone again to be amplified again. This leads to Feedback. Feedback would affect the users’ listening experience. With Adaptive Feedback Canceling, feedback is minimized to enhance your hearing performance.

Layered Noise Reduction

There are much noises in daily life, for example, the car engine noise, the construction machine noise and A co-worker making sounds that disrupt your concentration. These noise is not important to you. LifeEar would analyze, identify and reduce the environmental noise around you so that you can focus on the sound that is crucial.

Four-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression (WDRC)

Sounds with different frequencies would not be amplified in the same way. LifeEar would adjust the sound to make your listening experience comfortable.

Output Limiting

An extreme loud sound may be given out at a sudden. LifeEar would not amplify these loud sounds that are beyond the maximum sound level for the purpose of protecting your ear.

LifeEar Tip

Usually, the hearing center has to spend a few days to make a customized ear mold. It is time-consuming. Also, the traditional earmold makes your ear uncomfortable as it is put in your ear without any spacing. LifeEar Tip is designed to fit your ear shape without any customization. It provides you the most natural listening experience.


You do not need to worry about the allergic reaction when using LifeEar. The tip and tubing are made of soft, medical-grade silicone.


LifeEar hearing amplifier is small in size. It has three colors, beige, black and grey,  available. The color and size would make LifeEar invisible. You may forget that you are wearing it.


The LifeEar is completely assembled with the tip and tubing. When you get the hearing amplifier, all you need to do is insert a battery and put it on your ear. And, enjoy the sound around you.


Each LifeEar includes a 12-month warranty guarantee so you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your LifeEar.

Who is LifeEar Hearing Amplifier for?

LifeEar Hearing Amplifier is people who have falling hearing and do not require expensive hearing aids. If all you need is just an amplified sound, LifeEar is a perfect choice. Many reviews also proof it.


  • Invisible – It is about one inch long.
  • Easy to use – Even the elderly can manipulate it.
  • Affordable – It is much cheaper than the famous hearing brand.


  • Expensive – Its price is the highest in hearing amplifier market. But, it provides a good sound quality.

Where can you buy it?

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11 thoughts on “LifeEar Hearing Amplifier Review

  1. Manivannan

    Hello Billy,
    I have issues with my left ear from my childhood. Doctors say that all they can see is a big hole and only 10 % of my ear drum is left. They recommended few hearing aids but i did not like them as they were little bulky as well as expensive. I’m still managing with one side hearing.
    I’m glad that i read your post about “LifeEar Hearing Amplifier” which seems to be a good fit for me. The “adaptive feedback cancelling” and “Layered noise reduction” techniques are really a value adds. I’m sure will give a try to this hearing aid. Thanks for the post.

    1. Billy

      The LifeEar may seem suitable to you. Hope you enjoy using it.

  2. Blame

    I have a friend who has been having hearing problems in his right ear for roughly ten years I think. The main reason he got hearing problems is not something he is born with. He got injured while he was training in the marines. I believe he told me that it’s because during the gun training he forgot to properly protect himself. Anyway, his story is pretty sad. He was looking around to see if there’s a hearing aid that can help him. Your hearing aid sounds pretty good. What’s better is if it can connect with his phone through bluetooth. That would be a bonus so it’s not required, but does your hearing aid have that?

    1. Billy

      Yes, it’s great if it can connect to phone by Bluetooth. But, sorry for that. This hearing aids cannot do it. However, you can still make call when using this hearing aids. When receiving a call, you can put the microphone of the hearing aid near the speaker of your phone. But, if you want to listening to music, using this hearing aid would be inconvenient. You have to use headband style headphone or take the hearing aids off and use a earphone.

  3. Lisa


    I enjoyed your post. You provided great specs on the hearing aid and nice visual. I have a family member that isn’t hard of hearing and one of the things they worry about most is visibility and the comfort of a hearing aid. This is definitely a product I will be looking and recommending. Thanks for the information.

    1. Billy

      LifeEar hearing amplifier does not only invisible, but also provides good sound quality. It is a good product.

  4. Wendy

    I have noticed lately that I sometimes have a difficult time hearing people when I am at work. It is very noisy and hard to hear people clearly. Yet when I am home or other places, I have no problem. This may be a good option. I checked out the price at Amazon and I think it is a good value. Thanks for this suggestion.

    1. Billy

      Yes, It is a really good alternative. LifeEar has an affordable price with professional techniques invented by the professional audiologists. However, I recommend you to find an audiologist first to make sure this device satisfy your need.

  5. Allie

    I have noticed a decrease in the clarity of my conversations lately. I have hesitated to look into it mostly because of the costs & the visibility of the uncomfortable looking aids available. This looks like a wonderful alternative to try. Your recommendations & insightful explanations have made me reconsider looking into getting some help. I hope these will be available in Canada as well?

    1. Billy

      Of course, LifeEar Hearing Amplfier is avalible in Canada Amazon. I think you can also purchase it on the US Amazon as shipping to canada is provided. Hope you find the LifeEar hearing amplifier useful and enhace your daily conversation.

  6. Carlos

    My aunt Mischa has hearing problems since she was really young, but never wanted to use any hearing aid because used to be big and not too nice.
    So, you can imagine how are the conversations with her, everyone talking quite loud having to repeat everything quite often.
    Not too long ago, I told her that I’ve seen some people using almost invisible hearing aids. Her answer was that if it’s invisible she’ll use it.
    Today I was looking for it on the Internet and landed at your post. I’m forwarding it straight away to my aunt. I’m sure it’s what she is looking for.

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