LifeEar ACTIVE Hearing Amplifier Review

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When we talk about hearing amplifier, we always consider the behind-the ear type (BTE). Actually, there are many styles of hearing amplifier. This time, we introduce you the LifeEar ACTIVE Hearing Amplifier with is in-the-ear style (ITE). Just as its name implies, it is for active people. LifeEar ACTIVE always stays in your ears even when you are running and jumping. That’s one of the advantages of this well-designed sound amplifier. For more, check it out below.

The small size gives you dignity
There are 350 million people with hearing loss in the world. However, only one-fifth of them are hearing aids or hearing amplifiers users. Of course, the utmost reason is the shocking price of hearing aids. Besides, the design of hearing aids is the second cause. In the past, hearing amplifiers are large and designed to have a BTE style. So, the hearing amplifiers on your ears tells people that you have hearing loss. Some people, especially the adults, feel embarrassed when people glance their hearing amplifiers. Later, because of the embarrassment, they stop wearing them. This decision is not a wise one because even minor hearing loss affects your career performance and social interactions. Luckily, nowadays, there are ITE style hearing amplifier in the market which are tiny to be invisible. For those who want a decent hearing experience with dignity, I highly recommend you choose this ITE style. LifeEar Active is one of the ITE hearing amplifiers. Although people might still notice the devices when you are wearing them, they do not know these are hearing amplifiers. Instead, they would think you are using Bluetooth phone.

Designed by professional audiologist to combat common hearing issues
A lot of technologies is applied to manufacture LifeEar ACTIVE to enhance users’ listening performance. Unlike, cheap amplifiers, LifeEar ACTIVE uses 12 band digital sound processor which discreetly reducing the background noise so that users can focus on the important voice. Although this sound enhancer does not allow further sound modification as the expensive hearing aids, it has 4 pre-manufactured programs. You can select the appropriate programs to facilitate your hearing experience in different situations. The 4 programs are designed for handling common hearing environments including restaurant, on the pavement and quiet places.

Easy to use
Once you unpack the package and insert the battery to the hearing amplifier, you can use it immediately with no setup. If you want to turn the volume up or down, you can just simply push the volume button. It is very user-friendly.

Is it perfect with no flaws?
Of course not, there is no such a perfect product, but the most suitable commodity. LifeEar ACTIVE’s tiny design is a flaw at the same time. When compared with other ITE hearing amplifier, the design of this sound enhancer is a bit weird that it has a “L” shape instead of an earplug shape. Some users might find the shape of LifeEar ACTIVE not fit their ears. Making the users not able to enjoy the quality sound. It is an disappointment. Beside this mistake, LifeEar ACTIVE is a good hearing amplifier. If you buy it from Amazon, you can ask for refund within 30 days. So, give it a try. If it really cannot fit your ear, you can ask for refund with no regret.

How to buy it?
Just buy it from Amazon by simply clicking HERE. Amazon is a reliable online store that allows you to ask for refund within 30 days. Sometimes, it offers bargain. Click ME to check the latest price of LifeEar ACTIVE.

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