Is the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 a good hearing amplifier?

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For those who have slight to moderate hearing loss and with a tight budget, you are keen on finding an affordable product to help you hear with ease and clarity. The presence of invisibility of the product would make it a better option. The Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 is one of the products. What kinds of features does it offer? Also, does it really useful to the hearing impaired with slight to moderate hearing loss?


Description of the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500


The Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 is a sound amplifier which was manufactured to fit the users with slight to moderate hearing loss. For those having profound hearing loss are not recommended to try this product. This hearing amplifier can magnify the sound by 50dB or more. Even the distant ambient sound can be heard easily and clearly by the users when using it. The swiveling microphone can detect the sound within the 90 degrees. It is more than enough for daily conversation.


In the package of the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500, you can get the hearing amplifier, a carry case and a pair of headphones, a pair of earbuds as well as 2 AAA batteries. The loud hearing amplifier only a weight of 3oz only. It is comfortable for you to bring it to everywhere. Using it for a long time is not a problem as it can be used for at most 80 hours. No need to worry about replacing the batteries regularly and interrupting the conservation because of the lack of electricity.


Who is this product for?


Again, the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 is a suitable hearing amplifier for those having slight to moderate hearing loss. People with profound hearing loss are not suggested to use this light sound amplifier because the amplification is not enough to them and allows them to hear and enjoy conversation. Can you hear the television clearly? Do you enjoy the dialogue of a drama in a theater? Can you hear a public speaker’s speech with ease? If you answer yes to one or more than one of the above questions, this product is designed for you. You should consider this sound amplifier because it can amplifier sound that comes within 100 yards away by 50dB or more. Wanting to have an amplified sound? The Sonic SuperEar Plus should be in your cart.


Is it really a good choice?


When getting the product on hand, I hadn’t realized that it is a good product until I used them. The components of this product are packed well in a box.


The set-up is easy and simple. I believe everyone can handle it. Unpack the box, take out the sound amplifier, insert two AAA batteries into the device, use the carry case to protect the device and plug the headphone that you want to use into the audio jack. I prefer the small earphones as it is discrete. Before turning the device on, make sure the volume is set to zero. This good habit can prevent you from hearing a sudden loud sound which may harm your hearing ability.


This product is useful in many occasions. Meeting in a conference room is a good example. With it, I am able to hear the words clearly and make responses in seconds. Say goodbye to “pardon”.


I have used it for 4 days without replacing batteries. The device continuously provides me amplified sounds without any malfunctions. It is really reliable.


What is the best way to buy the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500?


If you want to try the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 to enjoy the sounds of daily life, I suggest you buy it from the reliable online store, Amazon, by clicking here. The price of this product varies from time to time. Visit Amazon to check the latest price.


If you have any question with the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500, just feel free to leave your doubts below. I will answer you as soon as possible if I am capable of giving you a useful response.

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