iHear Hearing aid Review – cheap digital hearing aids review – Under $300

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In preceding blog post – Hearing aid vs hearing amplifier, I mentioned that hearing aids are expensive which cost you at least $1000 per one. To most of the hearing-impaired, the high-priced hearing aid is not affordable and accessible. So, some people only buy one hearing aid and cannot take the advantages of binaural hearing. According to the world health organization (WHO), over 350 millions people suffer from disabling hearing loss. However, only one in five has hearing aids due to the sky-high cost. It means that many people cannot hear their loved one, the enjoyable music, and the daily conservation. Hear Medical, a company gathering many experienced engineers and professional audiologists aims at developing an affordable hearing aid to help people leave the silent region and become social. Their long-term goal is to make hearing aid as accessible as computers. Though the product of iHear Medical – the iHearMAX has a cheaper price than the hearing aids manufactured by the famous brands, such as Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, Resounds and Simens, it has the latest and advanced technologies including to enhance users’ hearing ability. It is the decade of revolution of hearing aid industry. Let’s look at the cost-friendly iHearMax. See if they are your cup of tea.


We would talk about the common features first. Then, a Pros and Cons list is given to you for reference. At last, I would mention my conclusion towards this iHear product.




The iHearMAX has a very small size. When you are using the hearing aids, people can hardly notice you are using them. You do not have to worry that the hearing aid would unveil the fact that you have hearing loss. iHear is a BTE (Behind the ear) type. Due to the small sizes, they provide you a comfortable wearing experience.


Simple set-up process

iHear calls the process as Simple 1-2-3 process. But, I tend to call it as the set-up. The first step is ordering the iHearMAX online. Once you get the tiny hearing aid, you can adjust the iHearMAX settings based on your personal preference and experience. The last step is to cycle through 4 sound profiles for different sound environments. The process is simple and easy.


Innovative online customization tool

Unlike the traditional hearing aids that require you to visit a hearing center for customization, the iHearMax and can be adjusted at home or anywhere with internet access. Let me tell you the detailed steps of customization. First, enter the iHear online tool website. Then, you can start customizing your devices. The online system would stream “real-life” sounds to your devices. With the interactive tool. You can adjust the loudness and clarity of the sound. iHear makes this step more convenient and simple.



iHear Medical is proud of their EarPiNG system, the first telehealth service to customize your hearing devices through online by iHea audiologists. Starting from the date of purchase, you can contact the iHear professionals via online chat or by phone to optimize your iHear hearing aids within 45 days. With this service, you are not necessary to visit the hearing center frequently after purchasing. It saves time.



  • Online tools to customize settings
  • Push button on device to adjust volume and cycle through 4 program settings for different sound environments
  • 45-day professional support by hearing care specialists
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Digital Noise Suppression
  • High Fidelity 20-bit Digital Audio Processing
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
  • 4-Channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • One-month supply of batteries and seals included
  • 45-day money back guarantee



Pros Cons
l   Cheaper than the traditional hearing aids

l   Convenient set-up, optimization, and customization

l   Invisible

l   It hit the hearing aid industry.



If you are looking for a cheap hearing aid with high-quality sound, iHear products are your choices with no doubt. Just give it a try as you can get a refund within 45 days starting from the date of purchase. iHearMAX is the greatest products that I have ever seen. It has a great performance as well as design. Also, iHear’s products satisfy the hearing impaired’s need and want. This makes iHear has a high reputation in this field.


Where to purchase iHearMAX?

You can buy it from Amazon.

Click here to check the today price for the iHearMAX.



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4 thoughts on “iHear Hearing aid Review – cheap digital hearing aids review – Under $300

  1. Alex

    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for such a great post!

    My dad needs a hearing aid, and this seems to be the most appropriate. It looks small, and it’s not expensive!
    I would like to know what the sound quality is like and if it has a volume knob to easily adjust the sound.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Billy

      The sound quality is subjective to every single person. I cannot illustrate the sound exactly. The sound is natural to me. You may buy one and try. You can get a refund within 45 days if you are not satisfied with the sound. There is a volume button to adjust the loudness.

  2. Rose

    that hearing aide looks really good. My daughter has a hearing problem that goes up and down and they can’t fit conventional hearing aids on her because of her type of hearing loss.

    she wears a headband that is very uncomfy and causes hair loss. Could she benefit from an aide like this, would be very interested to know?


    1. Billy

      I am glad you find my site. Do you mind telling me your daughter’s level of hearing loss? You can find it by reading the audiogram. If you do not know how to read an audiogram, you can click this link. https://earsnail.com/howtoreadanaudiogram
      iHearMax is suitable for all levels of hearing loss. However, I only recommend it to people with mild to severe hearing loss. For those who have profound hearing loss, it is better to ask further information from an certified audiologist.
      Sorry for asking an clarification. I am not quite sure what do you mean by wearing a head band. Do you mean your daughter wear a headband type hearing aid?

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