How to extend hearing aid batteries life?

How to extend hearing aid batteries life?

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Do you have the following scenarios? Just two days ago, I inserted a new battery to my hearing aid. But, now, the hearing aid is running out of juice. Then, you will ask why the life of hearing aid batteries is so short. Now, I have a good new to you. There is a way to extend hearing aid batteries.

Before introducing the method, I want to thank Ethan Manuell because Ethan Manuell is an 8th-grade student discovering this method to extend the life of hearing aid batteries. Ethan Manuell wears a hearing aid on his left ear. With the help of an audiologist, Manuell tried to find out the effect of wait time on hearing aid batteries. The wait time is the time between activating a battery and placing the aid in a hearing aid.

The 5 Minute Rule
Here is the result of Manuell’s investigation. He found that the battery cell lasts two days longer if users wait for 5 minutes after removing the sticker on the battery. Manuell called it the 5-minute rule.

Next time, when you replace the hearing aid battery, please be patient after pulling off the sticker.

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2 thoughts on “How to extend hearing aid batteries life?

  1. andy

    Hi Billy, I had been reading the article that review to prolong the batteries life or to use the batteries to it fullest power. But the methods or puling off the sticker looks very simple and the times frames of five minutes to install it to the aid also simple. Could it be other solution that left unnoticed that the batteries last longer.

    1. Billy

      Yes, the method look simple but powerful. You can extend the life of batteries easily. It is the most useful method I have ever seen. So, there might not be any other methods can makke the batteries last longer. If you find one, you are welcome share on this page to help other hearing aids users.

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