Hearing Aid vs Hearing Amplifier

Hearing Aid vs Hearing Amplifier

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Hearing Aid  & Hearing Amplifier


Choose which one? This is probably the most common question asked by customers after customers are diagnosed to have hearing loss. It seems that both the hearing aid and hearing amplifier have the same function. They receive sounds from surrounding through the microphone, process the sound signals digitally and deliver the processed sound into your ears. In fact, there is differences between them. People always misunderstand them. If hearing amplifier and hearing are identical, why do manufacturers produce the same product with different names? Now, this post is going to tell you how they differ.


How do they differ?


Hearing amplifier is programmable. An audiologist can use a software to adjust the settings of a hearing amplifier based on audiogram so that users can enjoy a comfortable hearing experience in every environment. The sound volume of each frequency of sound is an example of settings.

However, most of the hearing amplifiers (PSAP) cannot be programmed after purchase. But, some high-end hearing amplifiers does have a pre-programmed from manufacturers for usual environments. For example, Otofonix hearing amplifier and LifeEar hearing amplifier. I have reviewed them. If you want to read the reviews, you can click the links that locate at the bottom of this page.



Hearing aid provides customization with a significant price. Usually, the price for a hearing aid ranges from $2500 – $4000. It is very expensive. But, it worth it because the cost covers a lot of invisible services, for instance, an annual hearing aid check, an annual hearing test, and modification service. Modification service means you can visit the hearing center to modify your hearing aids if you find the processed sound does not fit your requirement.

Hearing amplifier (PSAP) offers an affordable price. Its price ranges from $250-$500 which is 1/10 of the price of a hearing aid. Of course, no after-sale service is provided except customers services.


Sale target

The targets of these two devices are definitely different. The target of hearing aid is the people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Since their hearing loss is not mild, they require a device to compensate their hearing loss. The technologies of hearing aid are much mature than hearing amplifier. For example, hearing aid has a feature called noise reduction which can reduce the background noise so that the users can hear the conversation readily. The noise reduction function of hearing aid is more reliable than that of hearing amplifier.


On the contrary, hearing amplifier is designed for hearing noises that are not noticeable in normal condition. When you wear a hearing amplifier, you can watch a football game on TV quietly. So, it is for the non-hearing-impaired. However, some manufacturers hired the professionals and audiologists to produce a hearing aid that has the basic function of hearing aid and an affordable price. This kind of hearing amplifier is suitable for the mild hearing loss.



Hearing aid is designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Hearing amplifier is designed for hearing noises that ordinary not be heard. The advanced one can be a suitable choice for the people with mild hearing loss.

At last, I want to emphasize a point. Before you purchase any hearing devices, please see a doctor or a certificated audiologist to understand the reason for your hearing loss. Your hearing loss may be due to the block of build-up earwax or the tumor in the ear canal. These could be cured by ear removal or a surgery. Otherwise, using a hearing amplifier would harm your hearing ability. Be careful about it.


Which one are you going to purchase? Hearing amplifier or Hearing aid? Which one are you using? If you have any questions about hearing amplifier and hearing aid, you are welcome to leave your comment below. See you next time!


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2 thoughts on “Hearing Aid vs Hearing Amplifier

  1. Ibrahim Basma

    Glad to have come across your site. It really is sad when some people cant hear well, as that is such an important sense we have. I actually thought i had bad hearing, but then when i went to see a doctor, it turned out there was big wax ball and after he cleaned that up, it really felt much better than before.

    1. Billy

      You made a good decision. We should visit the doctor first when we have issue with our ears. Do not buy a hearing amplifier immediately. Finding the reason of hearing loss is more important.

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