Free online hearing tests for adults

Free online hearing tests for adults

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Are looking for free online hearing tests for adults? I have searched and tried some for you. Let’s take a look!

To understand your hearing performance, conduct a hearing test is the most effective way. Traditionally, we recommend people to take a hearing test in a local medical center. Nowadays, with the advanced internet, we can do the test online for FREE. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. In this post, I would introduce you the 5 popular free online hearing test for adults, select the best free online hearing test website and discussing whether the free online hearing test can replace the traditional one or not.


The 5 popular free online hearing test website includes:


Now, I would describe the tests provided by different companies separately.


  1. Beltone hearing test
  • In the first step (the prepare step), the system asks you to select your gender and your age for analysis.
  • The, it selects the audio device that you are using. And, adjust the sound volume to a comfortable level.
  • Test begins

You will hear three words and do matching. It means you have to press the picture related to the words in order. This step repeats for a few times. Even if you have to guess, you are required to do the matching. Sometimes, numbers are used instead of pictures.

  • In order to get the result, you have to type in your private information. I hate this part a lot as their purpose is collecting your data for future promotion uses.

Scores: 4/10 – The test is very different from the traditional one. It does not have a pure tone test. Also, the result is not in details. It does not show your score but a brief paragraph describing your hearing loss.


  1. Starkey
  • Asking you questions

The questions are related to your daily listening experience. For example, do you have difficulties when receiving a phone call, watching TV and communicating in a noisy place?

  • Calibration

Adjust the sound volume. The calibration system is quite good. It is sophisticated to ensure the sound level is set appropriately. It makes the test reliable.

  • Pure tone test

Click yes when you hear the sound. Different sound frequencies including 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 HZ are tested. The number of tested sound frequencies is the greatest among the listed online hearing test in this post.

  • Speech test.

The system pronounces a word. You have to select the mentioned word from 4 words (options). This part is similar to the Beltone test to test your understanding of speech.

  • Lastly, a detailed result is given out for your reference. Your scores are shown. It tells your level of hearing loss briefly. Based on your test performance, it has further descriptions.

Scores: 8/10 – It includes the pure tone test and speech test. I appreciate the sound volume level calibration because it can ensure a fair test. It even adjusts the sound level of left and right respectively.

  1. Hear-it
  • Volume adjustment

A simple sound volume level set-up

  • Practice

It allows you to use the system before testing so that you will be familiar with the test.

  • Test

There is a women sound saying three numbers. You have to press the number in order. Once you completed a level, you will reach the next level. The noise in next level would be louder than the previous one. That is what their test name, Speech in Noise Test, implies. There are totally 23 levels.

  • Once you complete the 12 levels test, you will get a brief result showing the percentage score.

Scores: 7/10 – I appreciate the Speech in Noise Test. This is a test included in the traditional hearing test. The only difference between this online version and the authentic one is that different sound frequencies are used in the traditional test.

  1. Phonak
  • Enter your DOB (date of birth)
  • Volume setting

Just a normal one. Not as good as the Starkey’s.

  • Test begins. (Pure tone test)

The system plays a low-pitch sound continuously. You have to adjust the loudness of sound until you JUST hear it. The test would repeat 2 times using mid-pitch and high-pitch sound.

  • Ask you 3-4 questions related to your daily listening experience. 5 options are provided in each question. It is similar to Starkey’s.
  • A detailed result

It shows your hearing loss level as well as explaining the test mechanism.

Scores: 6/10 – It is not as good as Starkey. However, it is not too bad.

  1. Boots
  • I am surprised that Boots hearing test is the same as the Phonak one. Are they using the same system?
  • Just refer to the points of the Phonak hearing test


Which is the best?

In my opinion, there is no the best free online hearing test because they are not same as the traditional one. A traditional hearing test is comprehensive hearing test included pure tone test and pure tone in noise test. The best one would be the combination of the Starkey one and the Hear-it one because the Starkey has a relatively comprehensive pure tone test while the Hear-it one has the speech in noise test. To conclude, I recommend the Starkey online hearing test and the Hear-it online hearing test.


However, if you want to understand your hearing ability comprehensively, you are suggested to visit the hearing center. Some hearing center offers hearing tests that is free of charge.


Do you come up with other free online hearing test websites for adults? Do you have any questions? Please leave your comments below. See you!

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4 thoughts on “Free online hearing tests for adults

  1. Manika- Nia Dixon

    Hi, its great to know that there are so many free tests available online to check our hearing. I find this important because my partner dj’s and so looking after his ears is of high importance. Would you recommend trying both Hear- It and Starkey or would you think it is more important to go into a center for this kind of occupation? Thanks 🙂

    1. Billy

      Your friend might first try the online test first. He should visit the hearing centre to conduct a test if his online test result shows that there is a degree of hearing loss.

  2. Rob

    Thanks for the honest assessment. Although the online tests are quite good it seems you still believe a traditional hearing test is better. Looking at your profile I see you have had hearing problems yourself. Do you have a top recommended hearing aide or other device? Is there anything else I should know about going for a hearing test? Many thanks.

    1. Billy

      We have a few hearing amplifiers review posted. You can click here to check them.
      In the moment, we are planning to write some product reviews about hearing aids manufacturde by different brands including Starkey, Simens, Oticon, Widex, Phonak… Keep an eye on this website.
      Conducting a hearing test is not complicated. I suggest you have a good sleep before do the test to make sure the result is reliable. The audiologist would tell you how to do the test. Just bring your body to the hearing centre. Hope you find the post useful.

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