Easyus EZ-220 Digital Hearing Amplifier Review

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A quality hearing amplifier can enhance your hearing experience
to facilitate your social activities with different people. It would be even better if the hearing amplifier is cheap. EZ-2S20 manufactured by Easyuslife is one of the choices.


Easyuslife is a well-known company in North American. It has produced high-quality hearing amplifiers for a long time. The product line is wide enough to satisfy the need of users with different level of hearing loss. Recently, they offer a bargain on particular series. EZ-220 is one of the series. On this page, we would like to introduce EZ-220 to you.


Name: Easyus EZ-220 / VHP-220 Digital Hearing Amplifier

Price: Click here to view the latest price

Owners: Easyuslife

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100



Affordable Price

If you check the EasyUSLife website, you can find that the original price for the EZ-220 is $399.00. But now, you can purchase it with $49. Up to 88% of the cost is saved. The fallen cost is due to the reduction in material cost. However, it is still an excellent amplifier with good sound quality.

Digital Circuitry

It has a higher reliability than the analog circuitry. When a digital circuitry is designed. The circuit always produces the same output at any time for a given set of inputs.

Sound Quality

Easyus EZ-220 consists of a set of technologies to enhance the sound quality. Users can enjoy their listening experience with the best sound quality. The technologies include Adaptive Noise Reduction and Feedback Cancellation which will be introduced below.

Adaptive Noise Reduction

Background noises, including traffic noise, street noise, nd restaurant noise, will be automatically reduced to allow you focus on conservation or sounds that are important.

Feedback Cancellation

Feedback is a common issue of hearing aids. Feedback, in another word, is whistling. Since the hearing aid is small, the sound amplifier is close to the microphone. The sound amplified is picked up by the microphone again to be amplified again. This leads to Feedback. Feedback would affect the users’ listening experience. With Adaptive Feedback Canceling, feedback is minimized to enhance your hearing performance.

Digital Volume Control

Again, this is a comparison between digital and analog. Digital Volume Control allows you to adjust the sound volume level more precisely and accurately than analog volume control equipped on outdated hearing amplifiers. You can easily adjust the sound level by pushing the rocker switch.

Easy to use

From the product pictures, you can see that there are only 3 buttons which are the power switch, volume switch, and mode button. With these 3 buttons, you can control almost all the setting of the hearing amplifier, from volume to mode. Easyus EZ-220 makes all the control settings simple to you.

Memory Function

Easyus EZ-220 can remember your last setting. When you wear it next time, there is no need for you to set -up again. It saves your valuable time.

Compact and light

Easyus EZ-220’s dimension is 53×16.5×8.6 mm. Its weight is 5g. You can hardly notice its existence when you put it on your ear.

Choice of Earpieces

The package includes 3 sets of earpieces. You can choose the one that fit your ear canal.

Lasting Battery

It lasts for one week. It means you only need to replace the battery for three times within a month. You are not required to change the battery all the time.


Includes a carry case and a set of the cleaning kit. Both the carry case and cleaning kit are important to you. The carry case ensures that the hearing amplifier is not damaged when you bring it to anywhere. The cleaning set makes the cleaning of the hearing amplifier more easily. It keeps your hearing amplifier hygienic to prevent your ear suffer from ear disease.

Our Verdict

It is a really a good product. It provides a good sound quality with a low price.

Where can I buy it

You can but it ate Amazon.

==>>>Then click here to check today’s best price for the Easyus EZ-220 Hearing Amplifier


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4 thoughts on “Easyus EZ-220 Digital Hearing Amplifier Review

  1. ht

    Wow that’s a big price cut. From $399.00 to now $49 is a really a 88% of cost saved. Thanks for sharing this review and doing the summary of the pros and cons. Can it be purchased and imported to Singapore where I’m residing? Wondering if overseas shipping is possible.

    1. Billy

      I suggest you to buy from Amazon US. Amazon provides shipping service. But, it may cost you more. Be careful when you pay the fee. And, thank you for your appreciation.

  2. Thank you. Will check it out

    1. Billy

      You are welcome!

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