Doorbells for the hearing impaired

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As a hearing impaired, I always find it difficult to hear the knocks on the doors. The people waiting outside keep knocking. But, I do not notice. I know someone has visited our home, maybe it should be our door when my mom informs me. I remember vividly that one day my dad bought a sofa. My dad asked me to wait for the express to deliver the sofa to our home. I used to stay in my room to read. But, that day, I read outside the house with the wind blowing my head so that I can see whether the express arrived or not. A well-designed doorbell can prevent you from this kind of situations. Do you have a family member with hearing difficulty? Are you looking for doorbells for the hearing impaired? Take a look at the following suggestion list.

List for doorbells for the hearing impaired


  1. Fosmon Wireless Doorbell with Vibrating Receiver for Special Needs

Fosmon doorbell has a wall receiver with a plug-in, a door bell, and a portable receiver. This system has 52 chimes, 4 volume levels ranging from 25 dB to 100 dB and 4 indication modes including flashing, tone, flashing and tone and OFF. It has a LED light. And, it is expandable.

Using experience:

  • Loud

The highest volume of this doorbell is 100 dB which is comparable to the noise of a passing train. For me, having moderate to severe hearing loss can hear the ringing quite well.

  • Flashing light

The flashing light is bright but not powerful. Of course, you can notice the flash when you are in front of flashing light. But, when you go to the other room. You cannot see the doorbell’s light. However, you do not have to worry about that because the system carries a portable receiver.

  • Portable receiver

It is the device a used all the time. It has a belt clip. I put it on my belt all the time when I am at home. Sometimes, I forget to take it off when going to work. When someone pushes the doorbell, the doorbell would transmit a signal to the portable receiver. Then, my belt vibrates. Usually, I set the volume of the portable receiver to zero because the vibration is more than enough. Its range up to 820ft. No need to worry about the visitors even when you are gardening.

  • Expandable

If you have more than one family member have the hearing problem, you can purchase more than one portable receiver or wall receiver.


  1. Anpress Wireless Doorbell

Anpress doorbell has the most simple and elegant design. There is no button on the face of Anpress doorbell. It has 3 modes including flashing, tone and both. 16 chimes can be selected as the ringing tone. It range is up to 50 meters. It is relatively short when comparing it with other doorbells. It has a 7-color and sharp flashing light. The portable receiver allows you to bring it to everywhere. But, remember its range is short.

Using experience:

  • Elegant light

I love the flashing very much. The colors changes depend on the pitch of the ringing tone. The light of other doorbell is boring. This one is an exception. It makes doorbell become a fun thing. You must notice it flashing.

  • Cheap

It should be the cheapest one that I have used. Very affordable.

  • Not expandable

You can only use one transmitter to pair one receiver. If you have more than one family with hearing issues, this is not for you.


  1. Sunnybell Wireless Door Bell

Sunnybell has a range of 300 ft and 3 tones which are high tone. The high tone is hard to be heard for those who have moderate, severe and profound hearing loss. This high-tone doorbell offers a bright flashing strobe light. It uses the light to notify the people to open the door.

  • Great flashing

Unlike Fosmon and Anpress doorbells, Sunnybell uses light as the main feature rather than the ringing tone. It makes itself more suitable for the hearing impaired as people with hearing loss rely on visual aid. When the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter, it gives a sharp light similar to the camera flash but more powerfully. The ceiling reflects the light so the room becomes bright. However, if you go to the other room, you may miss the light.

  1. SadoTech Flashing Wireless Doorbell with Portable Vibrating Receiver

It is quite similar to the Fosmon one. Its greatest volume is 110 dB, 5 dB higher than the Fosmon one. It also has a portable receiver. Similar to the Fosmon, SadoTech has 4 modes which are flash, tone, both and OFF. 50 chimes are provided, 2 less than the Fosmon. It is also expandable.

My opinion:

  • Fosmon is better for the price.

Fosmon is a bit cheaper than this one. I suggest you to but Fosmon instead of this. Saving is more important!


The above is my recommendation list of doorbells for hearing impaired to you. If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Doorbells for the hearing impaired

  1. Chris Towers

    I think something like this is excellent for people with difficulty in hearing.

    I have the same problem with my grandfather. He is 99 years old now (bless him) and really active still today, but when it comes to his hearing things get missed.

    I know many people visit his small apartment and end up walking away simply because he does not hear the knocking on the door or the ringing of the bell.

    i think a device like this would be great as he would literally be able to see it flashing too and with it being wireless would make it easier to take with him.

    Great idea, and thanks for the information!


    1. Billy

      You are welcome. It is my pleasure to use my experience to help people with the same problem – the hearing loss. I highly recommend the doorbell with portable receiver as your grandfather is a active guy.

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