Best price for longest lasting 312 hearing aid batteries

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Which 312 hearing aid batteries is the best?

For the hearing impaired, hearing aids or hearing amplifiers is the most important devices. However, without batteries, the hearing aids or hearing amplifiers cannot work. Thus, hearing aid batteries is also essential. But, there are many hearing aid batteries brands, ranging from Duracell to Powerone and Amazon to iCellTech. It is quite difficult to see which one is the best. Therefore, I create the following table. It tells you which brand has the cheapest price, which one has a longest lasting life …

In this post, the 312 hearing aid batteries be compared are:

  1. Duracell 312 hearing aid batteries
  2. Powerone 312 hearing aid batteries
  3. Rayovac 312 hearing aid batteries
  4. Amazon 312 hearing aid batteries
  5. Powermax 312 hearing aid batteries
  6. iCellTech 312 hearing aid batteries



Brand Duracell Powerone Rayovac Amazon Powermax iCellTech
Description Link

(Separate review for each battery)

Here Here Here Here Here Here
Made in Germany Germany USA USA USA South Korea
Perforated for tearing off No Yes Yes No No No
Number of batteries per pack 6 6 6 6 8 6
Voltage 1.45V 1.45V 1.45V 1.45V 1.40V 1.45V
Freshness Guarantee 4-year 3-year 4-year 3-year Not Stated Not Stated
% of 5Stars Rating in Amazon


78% 80% 73% 78% 55% 64%
Price per count 1st runner up Cheapest
Purchase Link Here Here Here Here Here Here
Product Review Link In Progress Here Here In Progress In Progress In Progress

My choice


I prefer Powerone. First, it is made in Germany, an industrial country. Germany has a reputation of its quality product. Second, it freshness guarantee is long enough. Indeed, Powerone does not have the longest freshness period. But, I think 3-year is enough as I do not keep the hearing aid batteries for 3 years. I usually purchase a dozen and consume them in one year. Thus, 3-year is enough for me. When looking at its price, it is affordable. It has the second cheapest price. Powerone is my cup of tea. How about you? Which one do you prefer?


Leave your comment below. I am more than happy to answer.

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8 thoughts on “Best price for longest lasting 312 hearing aid batteries

  1. GiuliaB

    I think your website will be of use to many viewers with hearing problems, but also to their families and friends, Billy, and for this I thank you.

    My mum has recently got a hearing aid which however she now refuses to wear due to her many concerns. One concern is that it may fall off the ear and she will loose it. The other one is that she will run out of batteries, and the company that sold it to her advised the only batteries for this specific model she can only buy from them. I don’t believe it in the list.

    I’m sure your comparison table will turn in handy for me to do a little bit of investigation in finding best deals on the batteries she needs, and to put at least one of her worries at bay.
    Thank you.

    1. Billy

      Thank for your appreciation. I have used hearing aids for 16 years. Many companies clams that only the hearing aids batteries manufactured by them should be used with theire hearing aids. I would hold this opportunity to tell all the visitos to my website. Their claims is not true. They do that because of profit maximization. They want to buy their hearing batteries so that they can earn more. Besodes, if their claims is true, why some battery companies would join the hearing aid batteries market even when they do not produce hearing aids. When you look close to the hearing batteries produced by different firms, you can notice that there is no obvious difference between them. So, you have a wide variety of choices when buying hearing aids. You can choose the hearing batteries with the best price.

  2. Tar

    Hello there,

    Yes, I would not think twice going for Powerone. May not be the cheapest on the list but it ticks all the boxes. It offers the similar benefits and quality like Duracell but cost friendly. I didn’t know Germany is the households in this industry. I always thought Japan or USA tops the list when it comes to manufacturing origin. I think Germany is also highly reputable in medical industry with relations to hearing aid, yes?

    1. Billy

      Yes, Powerone is probably the best choice in this list. Of course, Germany is manufacturing country. It has a high reputation in medical market. So, Powerone is a good choice. However, the other hearing aid batteries, such as Rayovac, Amazon, PowerMax and iCellTech, also do provide quality electricity.

  3. Thank you for listing all of these detailed options!
    I have grandparents and my wife’s parents who are in need of hearing aids, so this is good information to take to them.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to go about letting our loved ones know that they can benefit greatly by using hearing aids? It always seems to be a sensitive topic to bring up, but one that certainly needs to be addressed.


  4. Simon

    Dear Billy,
    thank you very much for this informative article. You are completely right when you say that without batteries the hearing aid won´t work. Many persons maybe have a good quality hearing aid, but without quality batteries.
    The reviews are very interesting and they helped me a lot to chose the correct product.
    I appreciate your work.
    Thank you

  5. Rob

    Thanks for the info. Great little list of batteries. I like how you’ve ranked them so I can take a quick scan and see which is best. When will you have your full reviews done? It would be nice to read up on each battery before buying. Many thanks. You asked what my favourite would be. Probably Duracell as it’s a very well known name.

    1. Billy

      Duracell is also a nice choice. We will keep updating the website continuously. Sure, we are going to write a review for each hearing aid batteries separately. Once, we post the post, we will send you a notification. Thank.

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