Best clarity amplified big button corded phone for the hearing impaired and seniors Review

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The Alto amplified corded telephone is the ideal device for people with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. It is the first devices to receive TIA-4953 certification to pass the new requirement for amplified phones.



Name: Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone

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Owners: Clarity

Overall Rank: 93 out of 100



Brand Name Clarity
Item Weight 3.8 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.9 x 11.8 x 4.2 inches
Item model number 54005.001
Color Silver
Material Type Plastic



TIA-4953 certified for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss

  • TIA-4953 helps users with hearing loss understand how the amplified phone assist them to communicate on the telephone. The TIA-4953 test will perform examination based on mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. Different specifications are tested, for example, sound amplification, tone control, the sound volume of the ringer, sound output quality and distortion.

Amplifies incoming sounds up to 53 decibels and outgoing speech up to 15 decibels

  • This is the most important function for the hearing impaired. Every conversation can be amplified so that the users can hear without any difficulties. Users can say “no” to “pardon”. You will not feel embarrassing to ask for repeats as every single word is amplified and clear. The conversation would be continuous without any disturbances.
  • There are some researches shows that the hearing impaired speak not loudly. It is because the hearing amplified cannot hear their voice. Thus, they do not aware of adjusting the sound level of their voice. To make the phone conservation experience better, the amplified phone would automatically increase the volume of the speaker (the users). It makes the receiver hear the user’s voice better.

Digital Clarity Power™ incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality

  • You do not have to worry that the sound will be distorted when you use a hearing aid as well as the amplified phone. The amplified phone has a mechanism to ensure the sound quality to meet the standard. No feedback is produced.

Extra loud ringer volume (100 dBA)

  • This function is for the hearing impaired. Usually, the ringing sound of a normal phone is not loud enough to notice me. If you have the same experience like mine, then you need an extra loud ringer. Clarity amplified cordless phone is an exception. It has a loud voice. Even when you are far from the phone, you can still hear it ringing.

Clarity AudioCenter featuring ergonomic volume and tone control

  • It provides you a great flexibility on volume and tone settings.

Built-in speakerphone

  • Sometimes, you are baking a cake or cleaning a bicycle. Your hand are not free to hold the phone. Do not worry about that. The amplified phone is equipped with a loud and clear speakerphone. If you encounter the above scenarios, you can turn the speakerphone on. Then, you can enjoy the conservation while continue doing your work.

Soft touch backlight keypad

Ten (10) one-touch speed dial memory buttons

  • You can put a frequently called number on a memory button. Next time, when you want to call that frequently called number, you can just click the specific memory button instead of inserting a 10-digit phone number. It saves your valuable time.

One-touch customer support button

  • If you have questions about the operation, you can simply click the support button to ask for help.

Clarity VoiceAssist talking keypad

Oversized bright visual ringer

Headset, neckloop and bedshaker ports

  • If you have a headset, a neckloop and a bedshaker, you can connect them with the amplified phone by wire. They can work together to enhance your living quality.

Battery backup lets you make calls when the power goes out

  • It is for emergency use. When the electricity is out of service, you can still use the phone for a period.

TIA-1083 compliant for hearing aid compatibility

  • It is a great function to the hearing aid users. You do not need to put off your hearing aids before receiving a call. It makes receiving a call simpler for them.

One (1) year limited warranty

  • Within one year, phones with any non-human-made flaws can be fixed without paying a penny.



  1. Amplified sound and ringer
  2. Able to work with headset, neckloop and bedshaker together.
  3. Speed dial memory buttons
  4. Compliant with hearing aids



  1. Not cordless
  2. More expensive than usual corded phone due to its valuable function


Who is Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone For?

It is for the hearing impaired and seniors who want extra functions for amplified phones. This corded telephone has many special functions which are listed at the above “Pros”. These functions can make a call more convenient. You do not have to remember the phone number. You can use it with other assistive devices. These functions are not equipped in other usual corded amplified phone. That is the reason for its high price. But, it worth it.


Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone Support

Just directly click the One-touch customer support button. It is very simple.


Where can I buy it?

You can buy it at Amazon.

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5 thoughts on “Best clarity amplified big button corded phone for the hearing impaired and seniors Review

  1. Travis Smithers

    This phone you’re promoting in your article looks like a great device for getting around having problems hearing the phone ring and understanding those calling you when you have hearing issues.

    Not having a wireless phone system does have its drawback but at least having a great product such as this will be well worth the money and the price is not that bad. Especially when you consider it’s function and how much it will help improve your life.

  2. Mary G.P.

    My father could benefit from your phone recommendation, he’s in his 80s. He has a hard time hearing anyone when he tries to talk on the phone. Without his reading glasses, he can’t see the buttons to dial a number or to check his caller ID. I like the look of the Sonic Bomb alarm clock, (does it really shake your bed)? I think anyone could use this to get them out of bed in the morning.

    1. Billy

      Mary, thank for your comment. Of course, Sonic Bomb would shake you bed. It is the main function of this alarm. The vibration of the alarm is appropriate to wake you up. Do not worry that it would shake like an earthquake. Yes, evey heavy-sleepers and the hearing impaired should get one!

  3. Gopika

    The Clarity Alto device seems to be a very well design one. I will recommend it to one of my dear friends, he is 89 and we always have a hard time on the phone trying to understand each other. There is one thing is not clear for me, you mention that there is a one-touch customer support button, how does it work? Will this buttom work in any country?

    1. Billy

      Thank for your comment! I want to answer the teechnical problem first. The one-touch customer support button is just a speed dial button. The number of the customer button is inserted into a memory number button. Once you touch it, the Alto will call the customer service centre. So, this function can only work for the US. Sorry for that. But, if you know the number of local customer service in your country, you can do it manually. You can put the number of the local support into a number memory button.
      Besides, the alto have a good performance on amplification. Your friend can hear conservation clearly with it. Hope your friend finds the Alto useful.

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