Alarm clocks for the hard of hearing review

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For us, the hearing-impaired, waking up on time is not an easy job as we cannot notice the ringtones of normal alarm. When I was young, I relied on my parents to wake me up. But, now, I am living on my own. No one is able to wake me up. Vibrating alarm become my reliable partner in the morning. Are you looking for an alarm clock for yourself or your friends with hearing difficulties?


List of alarm clocks for the hard of hearing


Let’s start with the famous brand – Sonic Alert.

  1. Sonic Alert Dual Alarm with Super Shaker – SBD375SS

The Super Shaker is a travel alarm clock has a strong vibrator with different shaking levels. Besides, the vibrators, it has a loud voice equivalent to 113dB, comparable to a passing train. With such a loud voice and strong shaker, you must wake up on time. Worrying about the duration of shaking and ringing? It is not necessary because the loud alarm allows you to adjust the alarm duration. You can set the duration as long as 59 minutes. Plus, it has a 1.8 inches’ screen. Even when you do not wear a pair of glasses, you can see the green digit clearly. With Sonic Alert Super Shaker, you can have a decent sleep without worry.

If you care about the power usage, the green Sonic Alert Super Shaker is good for you. It is equipped with new green technology to save up to 60% energy. Durability is also its strength.


  1. Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Pro

This product is also designed for the hearing impaired. The loudness of this alarm is more than enough which is over 100 dB. The alarm spans a majority of frequencies so that users with different hearing losses in any frequencies can hear the alarm ringing. Of course, a vibrator is equipped. Similar to the Sonic Alert one, just put the vibrator under your pillow. It will vibrate on time. Besides, the vibration and sound, the round alarm would wake you up by a flashing light which is similar to the camera’s light. The flashing light makes the room bright so you can notice that it’s time to wake up. The well-designed alarm clock has a feature called Night Light Beacon. It emits a blue light to guide you back to your bed at night.


  1. AL10 AeMase with Doo Koke

Similar to the Sonic Alert and the Bellman & Symfon, the Al10 AeMase has a vibrator and buzzer to wake you up. This alarm does not only concern waking you up, but also help you to monitor the sounds around you. When someone knocks the door, the AeMase notifies you. When your baby is crying, it notifies you. When the smoke alarm is ringing, it notifies you. These functions are useful to those having severe to profound hearing loss and the deaf. With the AeMase, you are secured.



For the hearing impaired, buying an alarm for the hard of hearing is a valuable investment. It gives you a decent sleep without the worry of getting late. Some advanced alarm may even secure you. Do you have any questions with the alarm for the hard of hearing? Leave your comments below!



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4 thoughts on “Alarm clocks for the hard of hearing review

  1. Elizabeth Johanson

    This website was very interesting to me. At first I thought you were selling alarm clocks but as I began to read on I realized this site was directed to people that are hard of hearing or with general hearing loss. I liked how you incorporated so many things on this website. You really did a great job. I also liked the snail!

    1. Billy

      Thank for your support. I appreciate you if you can share this site to people with hearing loss as my main concern is helping them based on my personal hearing loss experience.

  2. Roopesh

    Hi there
    I have difficulty in my hearing. If it were not for my wife, I would not have gotten up in time for my work on a daily basis.

    I consider myself an independent individual and would certainly love one of these devices. Mainly to set a routine for myself and make me feel that independence.

    Honestly speaking, I was not aware that they actually have clocks for the hearing impaired.

    I will choose anyone of them at this point in time, just to see how it works and then take it from there.

    Thanks so much for the article.


    1. Billy

      Thank for your support. Hope the recommendaiton list is helpful to you so that you do not have to rely on your wife.

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