About Me

Welcome to Ear-Care! I am Billy Cheung who is running this website. In this “about me” page, I would like to introduce myself to you!


To be honest, I have had hearing impairment since I was born. Now, I am 20 years old. In the past 20 years, there were many obstacles due to my hearing loss. As there were no counterparts having hearing problems, my family and I had to solve the hearing issues on our own. This experience was very frustrating. We need to visit the hearing center for inquiries.


Nowadays, there is Google! I believed that there must be much information about hearing provided to questioners on Google. Therefore, I typed a few keywords about hearing amplifiers on Google searching engine. Once I clicked the button of “search”, I found that I was wrong. There were limited websites discussing hearing issues which were not enough to educate people. So, I change the situation. I do not want people to feel frustrated as the young me. People should have their rights to get the information about hearing problems.


Yes, that is the reason for me to start this website. Ear-care would tell you about hearing diseases, such as tinnitus and hearing loss. Also, product reviews are written for you. These products can make you live comfortable even if you have difficulties in hearing. I know, with hearing loss, be socialize is hard to you. Why not meet people with the same problem as you in this website by simply leaving a comment? I hope the website can gather all people with hearing problems to help each other.


Anyways, I hope you find Ear-Care useful. I wish you all the best with your hearing problem and thank you for dropping by!  If you require any information, contact me via billy@earsnail.com.




Founder of EarSnail