Hearing aid vacuum cleaner kit review

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Having the hearing aid cleaned is important to the hearing aids’ users. If you do not clean your hearing aids regularly, the built-up wax in the tiny hole of your hearing aid might lead to an itchy ear. It definitely ruins your wearing experience. In the past, I did not realize that there was a useful tool to clean my hearing aids. This tool is the hearing aid vacuum cleaner. Just turn it on and it will absorb all the wax in the blink of an eye. I love it very much and want to share it with you.


There are two brands manufactured hearing aid vacuum in the market. The Serene Innovations and the Jodi-Vac. The Serene Innovations has a wide variety of products, ranging from alarms for the deaf to TV listeners. Unlike its competitor, the Jodi-Vac focuses on producing hearing aid vacuum cleaners. So, the Jodi-Vac offers many hearing aid vacuum cleaners. Then, I will share you the top three hearing aid vacuum cleaners. They are HC-200 Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum of the Serene Innovations, Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner and Jodi-Pro from the Jodi-Vac.


HC-200 Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum


  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable cleaning
  • Cleans thoroughly in seconds without damaging your hearing aids
  • Strong, yet gentle suction removes internal build-up of ear wax, moisture, and dust which can degrade the performance of your hearing aids
  • Two different suction tips and a cleaning brush allow for optimal cleaning, inside and out.
  • Extend the life of your hearing aids with regular use and avoid costly repairs
  • Battery operated (4 AA batteries not included).


My comments

HC-200 is light in weight. It uses the battery instead of the electricity from the socket. You can bring it everywhere. If you cannot come back home every day because of study, work or trip, this portable cleaner is the most suitable one for you. With it, you can clean your hearing aids no matter where you are. Just be careful of the sudden running out of electricity.


Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner

Description from the Jodi-Vac


New! Our first Jodi vacuum system for the consumer! Jodi-Consumer is a compact, portable, affordable hearing aid cleaning solution that helps keep your hearing aids clean. Take a few minutes each night or as often as you need to ensure that you are removing wax before it builds up and requires professional service. You do not need to see in these tiny openings, it is more of a gentle “feel your way” when vacuuming. When done every day you can be sure that “What you miss today, you will get tomorrow.”




Warranty 1 year warranty for personal use, 3 month warranty for professional use.

Warranty is void if filter is tampered with or damage is incurred through abuse, dropping, or poor packaging on user’s part should factory servicing be required.

Needles and filters are not included in 1 yr warranty.

Size Box measures 4.5”x 7.25”x 3” tall.
Pump Vacuum is 18 inches of mercury.
Electrical All components operate at 12VDC. Power supply is a small desktop Energy Star transformer. It accepts ac voltage from 100-240vac, operating at 50/60Hz converting to 12VDC. Inerchangeable ac cords are available as required.
Vacuum Filter is replaceable, non-serviceable.

Wax collects in filter and home use should get 6 months service.

Ball located behind filter is a flow indicator.


My comments

For those who owns many styles of hearing aids (ITE, ITC, BTE …), I recommend you using this one because it offers choices of needles. The black needle is for BTE molds, the blue one is for the thin tubes while the pink one is for ITE, ITC, CIC and RIC. You can select the most appropriate needle to absorb the wax. A suitable needle makes the cleaning process more fluently and quickly. I have used it for a year. It can be used for 6 months continuously without replacing the filter which collects the wax. It quite long. When the filter is fully filled, you just need to replace the filter only. The price of all components of this tool is listed clearly on the Jodi-Vac. You can check it out by clicking here! Although you can use batteries instead of the power supply for this device, I would not suggest you using it if you want a portable hearing aid vacuum cleaners as it is not easy to bring along. It has a long tube and a sharp needle. You have to find a box to store it.



Jodi-Pro has features comparable to the lower-grade one, Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner. The only difference between them is that the pro one has a stronger motor for prolong use. Actually, this model is designed for the medical clinic which prefers a more durable devices. For normal use, Jodi-Vac Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner is more than enough. It is okay to buy the pro one if durability is your concern.


Summary of three helpful tools

Model HC-200 Jodi-Vac Consumer


Home use
Office use
Warranty √(1 yr) √(1 yr) √ (3 yr)

How can I buy it?

You can go to the Amazon to make an order.

If you want to check the latest price, click below.

Senere Innovations HC-200

Jodi-Vac Consumer



Feel free to leave a comment if you encounter any problems related to hearing problems.

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